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We Are One provides financial support to those within the Leather, transgender and non-binary, BDSM, fetish, and alternative lifestyle communities who are in financial need following the loss of a job or during a medical emergency.

The fund also provides an opportunity for those within those said communities to reach out and support others.

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Historic preservation is a conversation with our past about our future. It provides us with opportunities to ask, "What is important in our history?" and "What parts of our past can we preserve for the future?"

Leather history has many facets, and historic preservation helps tell these stories. Sometimes stories involve celebrating events, people, places, and ideas that we are proud of; other times it involves recognizing moments in our history that can be painful or uncomfortable to remember.

Many events, places and influential people, especially women, were never documented. Our history lost. Their stories go left untold.

Finding historical documents on women in Leather is much akin to looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack of historical writings.

Although books and articles on the history of Leatherwomen have appeared throughout the ages, the practice of creating special collections and archives for women in Leather is a relatively recent phenomenon.

RCgoL believes no documentation. No history. Which is why we are choosing to support lifestyle organizations whose primary focus is on collecting and preserving those documents.

We encourage women in Leather to document their journeys. Share their stories. In them doing so our history goes on for generations to come.