President - Carolina R. Noir

Carolina is a Leatherwoman and founder of RCgoL. Honor, loyalty, integrity, and trust are the tenets she holds in the highest regards. She's been in the lifestyle for five years and owns one girl, girl Rachell Noir. Originally from Ohio, she has made her home in Jacksonville FL.


Sargent of Arms - Kelli

Kelli has been an active member in the lifestyle for twenty years. Her current journey is her Leather Journey. She was drawn to leather for the reasons of heart, family and community. She is also a member of Jax Rope Bites.


Treasurer - Dee

Dee is MasterRic65’s service slave. T/their dynamic is that of M/s. She’s been in the lifestyle most of her life in one way or another. She started her service slave journey in 1998, being trained and then living as a kajira. Her slave heart is 24/7. She recently started her leather journey.

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Pledge Mistress

Star - Stardust and magic all rolled into one sassy but shiny individual. Star is a Mistress to her wolf, a rigger and leader with Jax Rope Bite; she is a woman who has a Leather Heart. With over 20 years in the lifestyle, she has a plethora of life experiences that enable her to lead and mentor others.